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Paint Splash Single

Just you, a canvas and a lot of paint to throw. Let your creativity run wild, and paint like no one’s watching. Our Splatter Place paint booking provides you your blank canvas, brushes, paint, and protective coveralls


Don’t stop here, It is the perfect stress buster and creative outlet. Finally, a place where throwing paint at the walls is encouraged. Go wild with our paint splash and let it rain colour

Not sure where to start? Our friendly splatter art staff can offer some tips and tricks for paint flinging, throwing and splattering paint

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Paint Splash for Two

Looking for a date night idea that’s sure to be something different? Or why not create a matching masterpiece with your bestie, that you can each take home? Our Paint splash package is the perfect duo fun for you and your special someone


You can even bring mum or dad down for a bit of family fun, to celebrate a birthday, mothers or fathers day or just to catch up. There’s no wrong way to splatter, it’s what you make it. Best of all, you can choose to create your masterpieces together or throw paints as you want as you get canvases, brushes and coveralls
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Splash Party of Four

Get the gang together, this is the ultimate group activity. Protected by your coveralls, You can go wild with paint. You can fling, splatter, flick, dollop, spray or smear, it’s up to you


Perfect for families, birthdays, work groups and friends, with the four individual canvases, all of your paint and brush supplies for the group, alot of paint filled balloons and four coveralls

you’re ready to get splattering even on each other, canvases, our walls wherever you want!

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